CTnCTD activation key 5 year license

Your email address and computer name

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Activation key (5 year license) for the Curved Turnout & Crossover Template designer program

Finding your computer name

How long to get your key?
If you haven't seen your key within 48 hours, please send an email to:

The easiest way to find your computer name: simply download and run the program (note: the full program, not the demo program). The first screen (shown below) will ask for the activation key, which you don’t have yet; but it will also display the computer name for you. Copy this name exactly, with the correct case, and include it in the information box with your order so that we may provide you with your activation key.

Computer name screen shot

Moving computers

If it becomes necessary to move computers then the previous activation key will not work on the new computer. While the licence is on a per computer basis, if you provide proof of purchase (e.g., your email address and the original computer name) then you’ll be sent a new activation key for your new computer. Don't forget to delete the software on the old computer.