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An easy to use program that automatically generates templates for straight and curved turnouts, and straight and curved crossovers, tailored to the exact radius and track spacing for your layout. With only a few inputs you'll have a custom made template in your hands within seconds.

What the program does

The Curved Turnout & Crossover Template Designer (CTnCTD) is a program that will take the data for a straight turnout and curve it according to your specific requirements. It can also construct a straight or a curved single crossover. Any turnouts in the Ultimate or Fast & Easy range may be used, as well as turnouts from another manufacturer Central Valley Model Works. The output can be a:

  • straight turnout;
  • curved turnout;
  • straight single crossover (two turnouts crossing from one parallel track to the next); or
  • curved single crossover.

The inputs to the program allow you to specify the scale (HO, P:87, N or Z), the turnout manufacturer, the number of the frog, the radius of curvature, the type of switch rails (ranging from straight, as on the prototype, to fully curved), the track-to-track spacing, and the characteristics of the track used to connect to the crossover. All of these inputs may be entered by using drop-down lists or entering the numbers directly.

Program main screen

The program calculates the best way to curve the turnout to meet all the requirements. All the ties are spaced correctly and are of the correct size. The frog is always straight as on the prototype, and allows the manufacturer's frogs to be used just as on a straight turnout. For crossovers, ties may be full length as on the prototype, or the two turnouts of a crossover may be connected by separate track if desired.

New in v2.00
Export your custom turnouts and crossovers directly to 3rd PlanIt.

The output from the program is a pdf file that may be printed at 100% scale to use as a template for building the turnout or crossover. You can print as many copies as you like. The program can also export-import data to the 3rd PlanIt track planning program, to show the custom turnout or crossover there (available on 3rd PlanIt version 10.10.000 or later).

The advantage of the program is that you can experiment with the inputs and view the results almost immediately. You can try different turnouts and radius to get the exact curved turnout or crossover that you want. You can specify the exact radius that you use on your layout, in inches or millimetres. You can specify the exact track spacing that you use on your layout, in prototype feet, inches or millimetres. The program will always do its best to come up with a reasonable result given the input parameters.


Check back here to download any updated versions of the program or documentation. If you have already purchased an activation key, it will work on all minor version updates to the program and you will not have to re-enter it. Major version changes incorporating new features might require a new purchase and a new activation key, depending upon the new features. You can choose to keep the old version if it is sufficient for your needs, you will never be forced to upgrade.

Windows 7+ only

The program will run on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows operating systems. We have confirmed that it will run on Windows 7 and above. If you are unsure if it will work on your operating system, download the free demonstration program and try it out. If the demonstration program works on your operating system then the main program will too.

The demonstration program is limited in the choices for radius and track spacing. The demonstration program will print all included straight turnouts so if that is all you need then there is no need to purchase the full program.

Use demo the first
Please note that the key is a non-refundable purchase. So use the demo program first to make sure it will work on your system.

Install CTnCTDMain program (requires activation key to run) version 2.01:
Install_CTnCTD.exe (28 MB)

Install CTnCTD demoDemonstration program (free, but some options limited) version 2.01:
Install_CTnCTD_demo.exe (28 MB)

Read CTnCTD version update logCTnCTD update log:
CTnCTD_version_update_log.txt (1 KB)

In addition you'll need a pdf reader to view and print the template. Most people already have one on their computer, and Adobe Acrobat is the most popular choice. There are other readers available if that is your preference. The pdf standard is an internationally agreed open standard for documents and most readers are available for free.

If you are unsure whether you have a pdf reader or not just run the the program and press the large green “Save Template” button at the bottom. The program will automatically search for a suitable reader on your computer. If it fails to find a reader then return here and install the free software for Adobe Acrobat (link takes you away from this site).


The following documents are already included in the installation program above as an optional install choice. They are separately included here in case you wish to add them later, or you want to view them before downloading the install program .

Program author

The CTnCTD program was written by David Honner who also wrote the Turnout Calculator, an Excel program that has been widely used for many years to design turnouts for model railroads. The program has taken more than a year to develop and is highly sophisticated. It has been thoroughly tested and is now available for all to use.

David Honner approached Andy Reichert at The Proto:87 Stores to use proprietary manufacturer data. Permission was granted by Central Valley Model Works to use their data as well. Andy provided technical data and used development versions of the program to build curved crossovers, to test that the theoretical model actually works in practice. The result of this co-operation can be seen in the excellent films and guides published on this website.

If you wish to contact the author of the program to ask technical questions or to lodge a bug report, you may send an email to

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