This is the "Fast And Easy" TM part of our "Mix and Match" HO track range.

Construct incredibly realistic looking, fully detailed and reliable, straight or even custom curved turnouts, in not much more than 30 minutes.  Absolutely no expensive jigs or construction soldering needed.

In the Fast and Easy TMTurnout range, there are five sizes of turnouts,  #5 through #9,   All can be be supplied with any rail size of code 55. 70 or 83, to represent virually all the different eras and uses of the track and turnouts. In addition we offer two separate skill and finsh levels of the turnout range. The "Superfine"TM version, which comes complete with pre-machined points and details, and the "Craftsman" economy version which costs considerably less, but takes more skill and time to make.

The Fast and Easy Craftsman Version Turnout Kits are supplied as complete kits that  include your choice of turnout size, rail size and frog type. Also included are the throw bar kits and point hinges.You must make/shape the points and guard rails from the rail supplied.

The Fast and Easy Superfine Version Turnouts are supplied as complete kits that  include your choice of turnout size, rail size and frog type. Also included are the scale throw bar kits and point hinges, prototypical CNC machined points and guard rails,  cosmetic bolt head super details for the frog, points and a molded plastic dummy switchstand. Also the Superfine turnouts may be ordered assembled, and Ready to Run, with just the cosmetic super details supplied, but left for the buyer to add.


"Fast and Easy" TM plain track is also easier to curve and lay than any other flex-track type.

Ideal for use everywhere on your layout where molded-in detail and realism, without exact "dead-on" prototype geometry, is all you need. Second only to our Ultimate range in prototypical accuracy and appearance.

The Fast and Easy TM Plain Track bases have three tie sizes and spacings. These a
are the "Branch Line" with 8 ft long ties, and wide tie spacing, the Transition Era" with 8 ft 6 in long ties, and medium tie spacing, and the "Modern Main Line" with 9ft long ties and close tie spacing.  The Transition Era version (only) includes some rail clamps and more pronounced spike heads than can be "peened" over to hold the rail in addition to the customary gluing down with impact adhesive, such as "Barge" or "Pliobond.

We offer "Fast and Easy" TM plain track in "Superfine" one yard total length complete track packs, including your choice of track base type, rail size and cosmetic joint bars, with some scatterable spikes and tie plates.

The plain track base sections are also sold individually as single 12" lengths, triple 12" lengths (per yard) and as fifty 12" length (50 ft) bulk packs. Rail is also available separately in 12", 18" or 36" lengths, individually and in 8 yard and 33 yard bulk packs. 

Rail by the Yard101901 $1.29
Track Details HO101906 $4.95
Rail Aligners HO101913 $4.95
Roadbed Curvable101924 $0.99
Track Tools HO101920 $4.95
Frog Powering Kit101606 $4.95
Microbond Strong CA Adhesive102250 $8.95