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Your own, Personal, Affordable, RTR "Switch Factory in a Box".

Build your own Track and Turnouts that include all the realistic detail and which will match most commercial flex track.

The Switch Works "Economy", together with a #8 "Flip-Over" Turnout Option, is shown above.

The Switch-Works "Economy" is our ultra low cost "Starter System", which allows you to provide your own base, yet use the all same "flip-over" turnout options as well as all the other track configuration options in the Switch-Works range. And a workable base can be as simple as a flat plank of soft wood, such as pine, or flat plywood or composition sheet, such as homasote, which easily accepts push-pins.

The Switch-Works "Pro" and a #6 Turnout Option, along with its magnetic clamps and assembled 19" stainless steel surfaced base,  is pictured above.

For those wishing to build complete crossovers in one piece, or complete yards of track, there is also an extra long 38" version of the Pro" Base available.

Note: The Simpler Versions of the Switch-Works System (Economy and Pro 19") may also be inexpensively and easily upgraded to larger versions, merely by purchasing an upgrade kit which contains the appropriate extra parts.

The current range of "flip-over" Turnout Building Options includes  #6, #7, #8 and #10.


There is also a simple, inexpensive  Option extension for each turnout size that extends its turnout size Option to include building correctly timbered crossovers, either as half or full length.

In addition there is a Multi-Version Option for Plain Track, which allows for three Tie Lengths, Two Tie Spacings and All three Tie plate types and sizes, in order to accurately represent trackwork of all US eras from Early Steam through to Present Day.

Double Slips, Single Slips and Diamond Crossings are catered for currently by the #8 Slip and Diamond Option, which will build all three configurations. (Option Shown above with the full Double Slip Tie Plate Set).


More Information and Help on any particular type of Option can be found by clicking on one of the "Help" and the end of this page.  Future Options for other sizes and types of Turnouts will be introduced as time and resources allow.


Continue reading down this page for a brief overview of the way to use Switch-Works is used to build a typical turnout. Full, in-depth instructions and construction help can be found in the "Information Library" Pull-down menus at the top of the page.


Turnout Construction Summary:

The "SWITCH-WORKS" is Universal and Multi-Use and will build all Track types and Turnout Sizes with any (or all) of the three normal rail sizes of code 55, code 70 and code 83, without any modification. In addition it builds Track and Turnouts to
BOTH the Regular NMRA HO Standard and the extremely Accurate NMRA PROTO:87 Standard, also without requiring any Extra Parts or Changes.

  Almost no Skill is needed to use Switch-Works to build Track and/or Turnouts, from our Kits of Parts. No Measuring or Construction Soldering is required. 

Building a Turnout or Track Section just uses an exceptionally simple,  three step summary process as follows.

STEP ONE: Lay the Ready-Cut Ties in the Tie Frame Slots

Cut up the Tieplate fret with ordinary good quality scissors.

STEP TWO:  Then lay and glue the tieplates in the Tieplate Template.

It's as simple as adding pieces to jig-saw!

NOTE: The precisely positioned tie plates
 have realistic raised dummy spike heads,
 that then accurately and precisely locate all the key rails
 to the correct position and gauge.

If desired, the Tie Base can now be curved at this stage to suit a particular design or location.

The next step merely requires the use of a flexible contact adhesive to complete the rail laying.

STEP THREE: Glue the Rail, frog, etc., in the raised Tie Plate Slots!

The "SWITCH-WORKS" Fixture System lets you construct a
by properly locating ALL the TIES, RAIL, DETAILS and OPERATING PARTS for you,


Meets all applicable NMRA Standards including S3.2 for regular HO and S3.1 for Proto:87  specifications.

Track Tools HO101920 $4.95
Microbond Strong CA Adhesive102250 $8.95