This is the "Ultimate" TM, absolutely spot-on, prototypical realism track,  professionally engineered for incredible reliability and and perfect running, wood tie base part of our "Mix and Match" HO track range. Just as easy to build and as low priced as our "Fast and Easy" TM plastic track, but it takes a longer time to set all the individual tie plates and wood ties in place for true and unique "Museum Quality" results. Ideal for use on your layout in those places where exact "dead-on" prototype appearance is what you really want. Stands up as "real" to almost any degree of digital camera close up and is an outstanding solution for those "magazine cover" type of special scenes.



In the Ultimate track range, there are currently four easily constructed kit sizes of turnouts and crossovers,,  #6, #7, #8 and #10, a  #8 diamond crossing, single slip and double slip, along with kits and parts for curvable plain track with three  tie lengths, 8 ft, 8ft 6 in and 9ft, and two basic tie spacings with adjustable amounts of maintenance aging shifting. All can be be supplied with any rail size of code 55, 70 or 83, and modern or traditional tie plates, to represent virually all the different eras and uses of the track and turnouts.

The recommended method of building Ultimate Track and Turnouts is with the exceptionally advanced but inexpensive "Switch-Works" Universal fixture system, which automatically produces the precision location slots for all the rail and components, and allows even novices to immediately achieve the full accuracy and detail without needing any particular skill levels or other specialized tools and without any need for soldering.  Only one basic Switch-works tool set and base is required and inexpensive options then provide the detailed guidance for the various different turnout and track sizes and types.

The Plain Track uses all wood ties with appropriate 3D shaped tieplates and dummy spike heads to form the precision groove to fit and hold the rail to exact gauge. The rail is then simply glued down in to the location groove with impact adhesive, such as "Barge" or "Pliobond.

We offer complete "Ultimate" plain track "try-out" kits to build a single yard length of track. The try-out kit includes your choice of tie size, rail size, tie plate type and cosmetic joint bars, with some extra detail scatterable spikes and tie plates.

All the plain track components are also sold separately in bulk quantities. Ties of all lengths are available in bulk packs, Rail is available in 12", 18" or 36" lengths, individually and in 8 yard and 33 yard bulk packs. Tieplates are available in sample amounts, and one yard packs.

The Ultimate Turnout Kits are supplied as complete kits that  include your choice of turnout size, rail size and frog type. Also included are a complete set of pre-cut wood ties, all the special switch and regular tieplates, the correct prototypically shaped, precision CNC machined points, scale dual throw bar kits, working scale point hinges and the full set of bolt head details for the frog, points and guard rails.

Downloadable, print your own,  Prototype Track Geometry Templates are available for all the Ultimate track items,  to assist with intial track planning, and to support the assembly instructions.

Rail by the Yard101901 $1.29
Track Tie Plates HO101909 $1.95
Spikes Scale HO101910 $2.95
Track Details HO101906 $4.95
Rail Aligners HO101913 $4.95
Roadbed Curvable101924 $0.99
Frog Powering Kit101606 $4.95
Microbond Strong CA Adhesive102250 $8.95