Day or night
You may order products from the site at any time.

Choose the products you want by adding them to the Shopping Cart. When you are finished, go to the shopping cart page. There is a shopping cart link at the top right of every stores page, to allow you to go there in one click. On the Shopping Cart page, use the three pull-down menus to select your three Tax, Shipping and Payment Type choices.

For Sales Tax answer, choose the option that matches your shipping address. Sales Tax will be only added when you select inside California.

For Shipping, pick the rate that matches your destination and shipment type/weight.

For Payment, select the method you want to use - Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Paypal, Gift Certificate, or sending us a check.

If you have any message for us regarding this order, add that to the "Any Ordering Instructions" box.

When done click on Checkout to go to the Billing Information page.

Here you need to fill out all the required information of your billing name and address, as well as your email and phone number in case we need to contact you urgently. The asterisks indicate which information is absolutely required.

Fill out the answers required in the payment section then click on Submit Order for it to be processed. If any information is not recognized as proper by the system, it will return you to the Billing Information page and highlight the problem information in red, for you to see what is wrong.

Otherwise you will be sent to an order accepted page and shown a printable receipt.