$12.95 101600
Note: The new Switch Stand and Gearbox only option consists only of the two key spare parts for experienced and skilled modelers to scratch build the addition of a rotating switch stand to their existing turnouts, regardless of the switch motor used. No warranties apply to this option.

Here is the assembly instruction video for the MOLE II


The video installation guide for the MOLE II is still in preparation.

An interim installation guide is as follows:

The mounting of the non switch stand version is basically the same as for a Tortoise. I've just added a set of OFFSET holes in the cradle top plate to act as a baseboard mount pilot drilling jig if needed. Use the rail lines etched on the top plate and the operating rod jig hole to position the jig.

Switch stand version installation. Follow these instructions BEFORE mounting the MOLE to the underside of the baseboard.

Using the drilling jig, drill 1/8" pilot holes in the baseboard for the cradle corner mounting screw, the throw bar operating wire and the flag rod positions. The last two of those holes should opened out to at least 1/4" diameter to allow for the wire movements. The unfinished flag rod is gently tapered at it's bottom end. so that it can be lightly pressed into the keyed hole in the top of the gearbox.  And we recommend pre-inserting that rod before offering up the final under board mounting of the assembled cradle, so that the operating wire and the flag rod can be easily steered up through their respective large diameter holes. (Rotate the rod as inserting it,  to make sure it is fully dropped and seated down in the keyed position).

Use the cradle corner pilot hole and the single fat mounting screw to temporarily hold the cradle in position. Lay the turnout in place. Check that the operating wire, and in particular, the flag rod are positioned correctly. Adjust if necessary by rotating the cradle, so that the vertical flag rod is positioned plumb and exactly mid-way between the turnout's two head ties. Mark and cut the top of the flag rod to the final correct height. Re-insert the rod correctly and repeat the offering up of the cradle if needed. Then add a thin mounting screw to fix the cradle at the opposite corner..

Assemble (ACC glue) the plastic flag stand base and lower it carefully down over the flag rod and keeping everything plumb, glue it to the head ties. With the motor powered to the fully thrown position. glue the flag to the flag rod at the correct angle for the turnout position. We suggest that you not lift the flag rod out at any time, as it is possible, but quite awkward and difficult, to see to re-insert the flag rod from the top of the base board after the cradle is mounted.