Power Truck of a Prototype Pacific ElectricRailway "Blimp".

Although power trucks come in all varieties on the Prototype, our primary and initial focus is the 2 axle, short wheel base, underfloor trucks for Interurban cars and trolleys/trams, as in the PE car example above.

Our Goal is to have a range of internal mechanisms for such trucks, for all common wheel bases and wheel sizes used, right down to the extremely small Archbar Styles used on some of the earliest vehicles.

In order to get sufficient motor torque and power needed for precison prototypical slow running and ultra-smooth stopping and starting, we expect to use a centrally mounted underfloor or low floor single higher power quality motor, or multi-motor set, driving both completely underfloor trucks through their inner ends. That way there will be no high gear towers to intrude into the visible car body interiors.


In order for the trucks to be both low profile and high performance, we expect be making our own sub-minature high quality gearboxes. Those will be independent axle-mounted  "floating" gearboxes so that the trucks can also have working equalized and sprung suspension.

Because of the versatility of such useful parts for use in other applications, many of the truck and geabox parts will be made available separately. Please watch the other pages in the Mechanisms Section for news in that regard.