We operate this web site to provide you with parts and information that are specifically to help you better model what the prototype looks like and actually does

In order to do that on-line, we become aware of the information you enter that allows you to buy our products with a check, a credit card, or PayPal. This also includes the address, phone number and email address that you provide, along with the information of the payment method itself, that we automatically pass on via secured internet links to our credit processors.

We also use that information when necessary to contact you about any issue with your purchase, or follow it up. We may also contact you if we have new information about current or future products, that would appear to be of specific interest to you.

We may also retain that information off-line, to provide it as needed as proof of the transaction for our own tax and business records.

No spam!

We do not however send you unsolicited regular emails of a general product interest or advertising nature (no spam). You will only receive regular emails if you voluntarily opt to join our customer support or other sponsored e-lists, forums and/or galleries. You may also unsubscribe from any of those at any time. We do not provide or sell any of that information to other third parties, customers, or suppliers. The privacy policies of the credit processors and your own credit providers are of course as per their own published policies.

This Privacy Policy is subject to change any time without prior notice. We may be contacted at our email address or phone number if you have any specific concerns.