I am an individual hobbyist just like you. My own particular special interest is building Proto:87 streetcars and other electric railways with their overhead and trackwork looking as realistic as possible, while operating smoothly and reliably at scale speeds. In attempting to do that I am ending up either funding, sub-contracting, bulk buying or even designing and manufacturing all those otherwise impossible to find parts for myself.

As a keen supporter of the PROTO:87 SIG and other HO Fine scale modelers around the world, I reasoned that I could easily make or order extra quantities of these parts and thereby help make Proto:87 available to everyone, rather than have it restricted to a handful of craftsman/specialists with a garage full of expensive machine tools. So I set up "The Proto:87 Stores" and companion "Accurate Track Emporium" on-line, as the best way to make these same parts that I use myself, available to anyone else who is interested.

To make sure this service is worthwhile to you but will still be around in a few years time, I follow the usual economic guidelines of making it cover its costs. Therefore my prices are as inexpensive as I can make them, while still allowing the Stores to operate as a legitimate business.

Naturally, this doesn't leave me any room for mistakes in accidentally breaking any consumer laws, losing shipments in the mail, unintentionally misleading innocent customers who just wanted a RTR toy train set for under the Christmas tree, etc. So what follows after the sales terms and ordering details below are some very important disclaimers to keep our potential relationship from being spoiled by any misunderstandings.

Please read them carefully as they are the formal terms under which I do business with you. Sincerely,

Andy Reichert


For skilled modellers
Please note that these are not suitable for children.

Note that these are delicate, fine scale components or raw materials, for skilled/craftsman modelers—they are not suitable for children. As parts and materials they may require the use of sharp, hot or rotating power tools, paints, glues, solder or solvents that may be dangerous, toxic or highly flammable. All industrial standard, workshop safety procedures, including suitable eye protection, must be used when operating such tools and/or using such substances. Some of the parts contain chemicals which are known by the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

I have no "return" policy for unwanted, misordered, misused or customer damaged items, except for items not as specified upon delivery.

Despite the Proto:87 Stores name, we have expanded enormously over the past 15 years and most of our products are now suitable and compatible with off-the-shelf RTR NMRA HO, N and Z scales, and UK 4 mm and UK N 1:148 scales. Those are so indicated where applicable.

Proto:87 requires that all wheels, frogs and turnouts be to the Proto:87 standard.

Please note however that our specific Proto:87 products (Proto:87 wheels, Proto:87 frogs and Proto:87 turnouts), while technically to HO scale, are instead constructed to close to or prototype tire width, flange depth and back to back dimensions. As such, Proto:87 wheels will only operate successfully on trackwork built to Proto:87 (near true flangeway) standards. For those, we also expect customers to be able to measure and if necessary adjust the back to back settings for Proto:87 wheelsets. A dial caliper tool or one of our gauges are suitable for this purpose. For these reasons, please note, we only sell Proto:87 parts on the condition that our customers accept that they fully understand these requirements and can and will make all necessary adjustments. If in any doubt, please call or email first for more information.

Sales terms

Payment, by Check, Paypal or Credit Card, is required with every order. We normally accept orders on-line through the order form on this website. Orders by mail, email, or by telephone should preferably be preceded by completing the on-line order first and submitting it, so that the relevant order details can be captured by the computer system ahead of time. Do not send cash. Checks/money orders should be drawn on a US Bank, made payable to "Andrew Reichert", and sent to:

The Proto:87 Stores
PO BOX 505
Pismo Beach
CA 93448

We have a proper SSL secured website, but we cannot absolutely guarantee the security of your information over the Internet. Credit card charges will now be shown on your bill as from "PROTO:87". To save passing on any extra unnecessary costs, the Proto:87 Stores name is a trademark, not a fictitious business name. For your security, we do not include a credit card receipt packed with your order, unless specifically requested.

All specifications, parts and/or prices are subject to availability and change without notice.