Our primary goal is to produce complete entire mechanisms, primarily for power trucks. However many existing RTR Models of both diesel and Steam outline, will experience major benefits, even if merely adding working suspension to their existing chassis.

Equalization -all wheels carrying their equal portion of the locomotive weight, while be able to move up and down independently to follow track undulations without raising and lowering the locomotive body as much.

Springing if fitted: Absorbtion of impulse shocks from track bumps to give much less resultant body movements.

And those major benefits include:

Continuous, dependable, electrical pick-up.

Increased pulling power with less wheel slip.

Cosmetic, far more prototypical, heavyweight body appearance by reduction and slowing of out-of-scale body vibrations and movements.

Cleaner wheels and track.

 The same benefits still apply, whether the locomotive is left as standard HO or upgraded to Proto:87 using one of our conversions.


To that end, we expect to soon offer simple upgrade components, such as working springing/equalizer systems for diesels, and probably eventually full replacement chassis for upgrading fine model steam locomotives.


As such new product items become available, they will be added to this page.