This page focusses on the important Infrastructure necessary Underneath the Rails, no matter what type of track you use on your model railroad.

However we have designed several recommended unique solutions that can completely avoid the traditional, awkward and uncomfortable crawling and working underneath the layout baseboards.


We supply accurately  flat and 1/8" thick closed cell foam rubber both separately a similarly quiet, but smooth, curvable, stable and dust/lump free, alternative to Homasote, and as the curvable roadbed solution for our "Spray and Lay" Rapid Trackbed and Track laying System. The "Spray and Lay" Tutorial covers how we lay roadbed and trackwork ina very fast and easy manner. A link is provided at the bottom of this page to take you there directly, if interested in learning more.


The "Flat Wire" track power wiring system an extremely flexible and simple way of powering track and wiring accessories, using almost completely flat conductors hidden on or just under the top surface of the layout.

Our less than paper thickness, Flat Brass Strip, material, that can easily and safely carry the full short-circuit current of DCC systems, can be laid on top of the road bed to act as busses to route power, without affecting the track height , or the ability to lay track and ties, and even street rail, directly on top.

Our extra fine, bare feeder wire can then be used to invisibly carry connections from the busses to the underside individual rails, and between any intervening ties, yet be hidden completely by the ballast.

Similarly, our fine bare buss wire, can be run along the edge of the road bed and all around the layout, while completely hidden the ballast of the road bed edge, or the scenic ground surface finish. Even crossing bare flat areas, lying in a easily made,  shallow scratched groove.

All three wire types can be soldered together, or safely cross one another, using our equally flat insulating tape.

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