The Best of Both Worlds!

The Proto:87 Stores manufactures two exclusive and fully inter-mixable types of HO track, rather than just one. Those are the “Fast and Easy" TM Plastic Tie based track and the “Ultimate” TM, Exact to Prototype Accuracy and Museum Quality, Wood Tie based track.

Phenomenal Exacting Prototypical Realism and the Simplest, Easiest and Fastest Tracklaying Ever..

 A close up visual comparison of our two types of track and turnouts.

"Fast and Easy" TM Plastic Track on the Left . . .  "Ultimate" TM Absolutely Prototypical Model Track on the Right

Use either alone or mix both together for optimum "Fast and Easy" time saving, while having "Ultimate" realism just in your chosen key viewing areas.

For example, here we have merely inserted a few individual "Utimate" wood ties with tie plates between two standard plastic tie "Fast and Easy" turnouts. This enabled us to very quickly build a far more more realistic looking crossover, just by using prototypical long center ties. As you can see from the two pictures,  the mixed track, after painting, matches almost perfectly.

  Both types are more highly detailed and have more realistic features than any other track available. Both types are extremely easy to assemble and lay. They are both quite inexpensive and only cost around the same for a turnout kit of either type. Most importantly, both types have built in accurate “grooves” in realistic tie plates to make it easy and almost foolproof to fix the rails in exactly the right place without skill, special tools or measuring devices. Neither type require rail filing, construction soldering, or costly PCB ties to make them up.  Both offer the same amazing unique range of  precision fine scale prototypical frogs, precision CNC machined points and ultra reliable, prototypical throwbars and point hinges.

Fast and Easy TM Turnouts can be built  by even a novice modeler in minutes rather than hours and do not require an expensive jig to make them up. And Fast and Easy flex track is the simplest and easiest to curve and lay of any flex track available.

The Ultimate kits do take longer to build, because they use individually placed tie plates, which take more time to set out and glue down. But for both Ultimate Turnouts and even Ultimate plain track, that process is made straightforward and skill free by using a simple tie plate positioning jig.  And the results for the Ultimate TM range are so prototypically accurate and realistic, that they can be favorably compared with photographs of real track. Even digital close-up pictures are often confused with those of real track.

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