News & new products—Summer 2016

Presto tm Picture

The New PRESTO tm Push Button Switch Motor Controller
Our Brand New “Presto” tm Controller makes Smart, Push Button Operations, Fast and Easy”. Not only does it work with single or multiple panels, it also features operation by Local Yard switch stands with the option of Dispatcher and Panel override, and even optional digital computer control and feedback. It will illuminate both twin or bicolor LED indicators, and has built-in capability for future expansion for DCC and touch switch inputs, .

An easy to use program that automatically generates templates for straight and curved turnouts, and straight and curved crossovers, tailored to the exact radius and track spacing for your layout. With only a few inputs you'll have a custom made template in your hands within seconds.

3rd PlanIt banner

A free download
The 3rd PlanIt program includes a library holding detailed CAD information on track pieces from many manufacturers. Currently there is nothing in the program for the turnouts and other special trackwork sold by The Proto:87 Stores. This plug-in remedies that shortcoming.

Electric Avenue

New for 2016 and coming soon!
A full range of OO/HO sectional street and paved yard track using ultra realistic Electric Avenue girder rail.

Only 1 ½″ deep
The Mole will soon be available in a horizontal easy mounting form. See the new help video for the Mole 2 under the information menu, or click on the link at the bottom of this page.

Research & Development
We are currently designing a full range of state of the art sprung and equalized trucks for a wide variety of passenger, interurban and trolley cars, including powered versions. To prove how good they are, this is an eight car passenger train at full speed in reverse with Proto:87 wheelsets. Utterly smooth and reliable even under stress.

New single tie jigs

New single tie jigs are here!
These new jigs greatly simplify and ease the mounting of tie plates on individual ties.

New website layout
Menus and pages on the website have been reorganized into what we hope is a better and more understandable structure. A modified look for the pages themselves will be rolled out gradually over the next few weeks. Love it? Hate it? Suggestions or comments on the new web design are appreciated and welcome.