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Basic Operation Functionality

THE PRESTO CARD converts the basic +/-12 V DC Reversing DPDT Toggle Switch operation of most Stall Switch Motors into simple, quick, manual push button or electronic digital pulse operation for each throw direction.  The digital logic and motor driver inside the card memorizes the last press or digital pulse, and always completes the throw, regardless of how short the button press duration, and then keeps the motor powered in the correct position, until a different direction is selected.


The New PRESTO tm Push Button Switch Motor Controller.  PRESTO card will operate the MOLE, the Tortoise and other suitable, low current 12v DC stall motor switch machines.

Our Brand New “Presto” tm Controller makes Smart, Push Button Operations, "Fast and Easy” tm. Not only does it work with single or multiple panels, it also features operation by Local Yard switch stands with the built in options of Panel and Dispatcher local yard throw disable and/or override, and additional digital control from DCC decoders and computer control systems such as CMRI and JMRI . It will illuminate both dual separate or bicolor LED panel indicators, and has built-in capability for future expansion options, including direct DCC control and automatic train controlled frog power and turnout operation.

The Invisible Brakeman tm Option for PRESTO allows for finger touch operation at specific locations anywhere conveniently near scale switch stands, for Simulated "Hand Throwing" of Yard Turnouts. Or of course The option can be laid out for touch operation anywhere that makes sense on your layout. Even on the panels or scenic areas or touchable items.