Frog Powering Kit

$4.95 101606
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Our frog powering kits are polarity sensitive relay based circuits designed to operate from the 10-12 v control voltage of a stall motor switch machine, and provide high power contacts  that can switch up to 5 A DC or 8 A DCC) to power the turnout frog or other devices, according to the selected route.

The SPDT versio has a single switched output, and the DPDT version two electrically isolated separate outputs which may optionally be wired to operate as a power reversing switch.

The kits comprise the appropriate 12 VD power relay, with solderable contacts, a  polarity sensing diode and 3 x 12" of connecting wire. The kits are require soldering to connect the components and the connection to the track.

In use the relay coil, in series with the diode, is connected across the turnout stall motor and its ballast resistor(s). The frog is connected to the "common" relay output. The other two relay contacts are connected, one each,  to the appropriate L & R Hand Turnout Stock rails. Reverse the Stock Rail to Relay connections if the Frog polarity is not correct on first try.