Frog Assembly Fixture N

$19.95 101765
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A "FAST AND EASY" technology tool for fast, easy and nearly foolproof assembly of our entire range of frog kits in either HO scale or N scale.

Supplied as a tool set, including precision alignment dowels, CNC bored metal base with fixing screws for hands free use, two cut to length as needed heat shield strips, our solder paste application pad box, with 3 adhesive backed pads and a starter sample of our industrial electronics assembly grade lead-free solder paste in a syringe

All the consumable items are also available separately.

Note we no longer supply the heat shield strips drilled, as it is more economical to just cut the plain strip into sections to match the inside length of the frog size being soldered.


For really neat, fast and easy, advanced "Flow Soldering" of all our Frog Kits



As well as a machined metal base, and fixings, the Full Tool Set, includes a solder "print-on" pad and a sample of our lead-free high-tech solder paste in a resealable syringe


The self-adhesive pad strip applies, or "prints on" just the right amount of solder, and the extra print positions can also be used for applying extra flux and even de-greasing if needed.


With the two stainless steel dowels inserted into the appropriate holes, any size frog can be assembled and correctly aligned, prior to "flow" soldering. "Cut to length as needed" heat shield strips are provided for iron and heat gun soldering, but are not needed for conduction heating for soldering by a resistance soldering unit if preferred. A ground terminal is provided to connect the RS unit return lead to the base.



For traditional heating, using a regular soldering iron to flow the "printed on" solder, means that the soldering iron bit can be kept dry and just used for top contact heating. A high wattage iron is recommended with a large "Chisel" or flat sided tip, to get good heat transfer. We have used an industrial 70W temperature controlled unit with good results.