Tie Plate Gauges/Jigs HO Single Tie

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These two small, simplified tools are intended for those modelers who wish to initially just try out, or lay a small number of, our Ultimate Tie Plates, without first committing to the purchase of a full Switch-Works Track and Turnout building System.

Each tool consists of a stainless steel tie overlay plate, which for standard HO is placed centrally over the tie, with apertures for laying tie plates accurately to position and gauge. For the two narrow gauge options, use the appropriate end aperture and the the other end inner aperture.  The track (and tie) center line for each optionall gauge is shown with a "<" indentation for initial and finished tie alignment.

The "BR" side of the jig will space ties to typical Branch line spacing. The "MN" side to typical main line spacing. The track center line is shown with a "<" indent for finished tie alignment.

The two "D" indentations are reminders to place the tie plates the correct way round - With the flat of the "D" inwards.