Motor Upgrade Magnet Set

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More Details - Motor Upgrade Magnet Set


A state of the art, extremely powerful, replacement neodymium magnet set, together with the included steel shim parts to close any air gap, turn a high current, very inefficient motor into a medium current, very high power motor that can overcome much more drive train friction/stiction. This then leads to superb, smooth slow running characteristics, under both DC and DCC.

A small screwdriver is the only tool required.


Here is a typical Suydam Interurban Chassis of the 60's and 70's, with a high quality, but very inefficient and high current 5 Pole motor

Replacing the motor with a really powerful and smooth slow running, but efficient, low current, Coreless, Instrument Can Motor would cost around $50.00.  Upgrading just the magnet is a way of getting the same effect for only about a tenth of that cost.

The relative strength of the new new magnet is staggering!

In fact, this similar size replacement neodymium magnet can lift almost 24 Pounds! A phenomenal amount of improvement in the motor's magnetic field strength.

And since the motor torque is directly proportional to the magnet field strength, just upgrading the magnet alone, simply and easily turns the old motor into the near equivalent of the $50.00 Can Motor, but WITH MUCH LESS SENSITIVITY TO OVERHEATING AND DCC/PULSE POWER that the more delicate coreless can motors can exhibit.

Here we can see such a new magnet together with a magnetically transmissive adaptor plate, made to fit exactly into the same size and position as the original magnet


Refitting the new magnet kit is as simple as loosening the end screw and switching the new magnet for the old.


Handle magnets carefully to avoid forceful snap-togther impacts. On any impact, ceramic magnets may shatter like glass and produce dangerously sharp tiny slivers or shards. 

Keep magnets away from animals and young children.  Swallowing any magnet or broken magnet piece is an urgent, life threatening, heath hazard and requires immediate emergency medical attention, usually invoving major abdominal surgery.