Roadbed Curvable

$0.99 101924
Available pre-cut in 18" lengths and 3 widths
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Closed Cell Foam Rubber Road Bed Strips. Extremely Flat 18" lengths of 1/8th thick road bed, slightly curvable and /or can be easily cut to any curve or shape with a craft knife. Glue in place, with contact or spray adhesive for immediate flat, level, smooth and quiet running. No finish sanding necessary.

Just use more spray adhesive to instantly lay templates and or track on top.  Add caulk or plaster along edges to obtain a sloped edge profile as desired. Multitrack sections may be built up by just placing strips side by side.

Recommended adhesives - Liquid Nails Contact Cement for roadbed to baseboard if heavily curved. 3M 77 for "Spray and Lay" for all straight/light curved roadbed mounting, template and/or track fixing.