Rail Braces HO

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Ultimate HO Working Turnout Rail Braces for code 70/83 or code 55.

Supplied in packs of 24. Stainless steel near scale appearance. Enough for one turnout up to size #10.

On their own, or in combination with our scale turnout tie plates, these are extremely important and realistic turnout details. At the same time, the rail braces actually fulfill the prototype function of holding the stock rails firmly in place and gauge, and resisting the sideways pressure of even powerful switch motors. They are made as strong spikes for wood or pre-drilled plastic ties, that firmly both sit correctly against the stock rail web and hold down the rail base.

Supplied in packs suitable for any one turnout up to a #10 size. Please select the size to match the code height of the rail you are using them on (code55 or code 70/83)

These precision stainless steel braces both look the part prototypically and also perform the same function of strengthening the working area of the stock rails for ANY hand-laid or RTR turnout they are added to.

For the full realism effect, use inserted into the rectangular hole of each "slide plate", when using Ultimate tie plates. However they can be used on their own inserted into wood ties. So they can be used on the head ties of all "fast and easy" turnouts, as well as many "traditional" hand-laid turnouts laid with wood ties.