Tie Plates N

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N scale Tie Plates for sized for code 40 FB Rail only. Scaled down from the Prototype dimensions. It is the modeler's responsibility to make any adjustments needed to comply with the NMRA N Scale Standards flangeway dimensions.

Ultimate N Fine Scale Plain Track Tieplates
Accurately scaled, super-detailed,solid Nickel Silver tie plates with mixed holes and dummy spike heads. Manufactured match N code 40 medium duty rail. Available in 50 tieplate single frets, or 10-packs that will typically complete a whole yard of model track.
Ultimate N Special Turnout Tie plates
Accurately scaled, N solid Nickel Silver turnout tie plates. Fret includes only the various nonstandard plates needed for a turnout up to size #10. Add approximately three frets of N scale  plain track tie plates to complete a whole turnout.