Throwbars & Point Hinges N

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The first (forceful pushing only) throwbar is not phycially attached to the points, so there are no small pivots or soldered joint to bend, flex, stress, or wear and fail. The bar just loosely pushes the middle of the web of the closing point against the rail and so lets the point align itself perfectly against the stock rail.

At the same time, the second (light pulling only) throwbar merely has to pulling the almost effortlessly loose opening point back away from its stock rail, so that it clears the train wheels flages sufficiently and is ready for the pushing throw bar to move it back at the next throwing of the points.

The second throw bar allows you to exactly simulate the prototype dual rod appearance. In addition, this second bar performs the function of keeping the open switch rail pressed firmly against the operating throw bar.

THE FRETS OF THE SOLDERABLE VERSION ARE SOLID NICKEL SILVER and permit the second throwbar (only) to be soldered to the point rails, thus obviating the need for the hook and drilling of the points.

The SOLDERABLE VERSION THROWBARS may be used with point rails that cannot be easily drilled.

These operating THROW BAR kits are intended for use with our own TURNOUTS, upgrading good quality RTR switches, or for improving traditional handlaid switches. With a little care and adjustment, they can usually even be added to existing laid switches in place.




Even the Shortest Prototype Switches, as above, use Double Throw bars. You can also clearly see the prototype heel block point hinges, where the points are joined, and the closure and stock rails are "loosely" bolted together.  AKA as "Loose Heel" hinged points.