Rail Aligners Z

$3.95 101935
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Our own new technology alternative and optionally near scale appearance "rail joiners". They have the major advantage that no cutting away of the ties underneath is required. And they will join rails of different sizes.

Thin Flat Stainless Steel rail end aligners that slide onto the rail web and sit flat on the rail base. Providing the rail ends are well matched and not under significant tension, these much less obtrusive "joiners" will hold the two rail heads in near perfect alignment for smooth reliable running of Wheelsets. They will still however allow for expansion rail end movement.

These rail aligners are designed to be the correct scale length for Z, and fit and look well on code 55 and code 40 rails. For best closed rail joint appearance, we suggest removing about 1/50" of the rail end base and lower web from each rail end, with a file or dremel cutting disk, before installation, to accommodate the center cross bar.

Supplied and priced in packs of 30 joiners.