Track Tools Z

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We offer multi-purpose disposable Plastic Disposable Syringes, to fit Exchangeable Needles and Re-sealing Caps, in 3 cc or 10 CC sizes, in packs of 3.

We supply short (0.5") stainless steel micro needles in 0.008" and 0.020" ID, in packs  of  5.

We supply syringe re-sealing caps in packs of 10.

A Sample Pack of a 3 cc syringe, one of each needle size and a re-sealing cap.

The 3 cc size, in conjunction with a 0.008" ID needle is particularly suitable for short-term storage and dispensing of ACC gel adhesive. If left with a glue bead on the needle tip, then placed in a zip-lock plastic bag and refrigerated, will usually keep workable for several days, up to two weeks.  Removing the bead, usually re-activates the same needle. Still blocked needles can be frequently be dipped in acetone to dissolve the solidified tip, or just replaced.

The 0.019" ID Needle size is ideal for dispensing of 50% MEK Diluted Contact Adhesive or our Ultra Fine Solder Paste.  Bagging and refrigeration as above, will also keep the solder paste usable several weeks. MEK diluted adhesives will only keep a few days, as the MEK will gradually dissolve the syringe plasttic.


Our Solder Paste is the extremely fine grained product as used in industry for modern surface mount PCB electronic components. It is a lead-free formula using water clean up flux, for long and dependable joint lifetimes.

We supply the paste in re-sealable disposable syringes, containing at least 15 gm (3cc)  of paste., which can be used as is, to load the pads of our Frog Assembly Fixture., or dispensed with a needle as above.

Stainless Micro-dispensing Needles for the syringes are available separately, if required for other track or general uses.


These are genuine Dremel 0.025” thick ceramic cut-off wheels. Note these are both brittle and wear down with use. So treat them as consumables and always use safety eye protection in use.

We supply these for modelers, US and overseas, who have difficulty obtaining them economically locally.

Rail Cutting Disks 0.025" (36 pack) $19.95; +15
Rail Cutting Disks 0.025" (6 pack) $4.95