Turnout Support Base 4mm

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Ultimate Turnout Base Sheet:

The Turnout Base Sheets are cut  Rectangular to 3" wide by the length of the Turnout.

They are compromised of an extremely strong, light and dimensionally stable sheet plastic, 0.005" thick, which acts as the lower half of an open box girder, formed during assembly by the rails as the top and the ties as cross bracing. The plastic surface is made matte in order to provoide a strong "tooth" for the adhesives.

The "box girder" construction allows the tie base to be safely cut to fit the throw bar, and forms a sufficiently rigid assembly, for the turnout to bench built, then considered and used as a RTR unit.

However, the plastic is easily cut with scissors or a craft knife, in order to customize the outside shape to the desired ballasted area around the turnout. That also allows for the assembled turnout to be ballasted onto the plastic base to make even a ballasted unit easily removable at some future time.