Rail Aligners 4mm

$4.95 101955
More Details - Rail Aligners 4mm


Etched  Stainless Steel, pack of 50. Length matches 4mm scale 4 Bolt Fish Plates. Paint or use weathering dip to color. Chose version to match rail size. They re virtually invisible, when installed. However, on larger rail sections, there may be room to fit a smaller size cosmetic Fish Plate above the aligner for best appearance

These are intended to assist in holding rail ends at joints closely in alignment, where the rail are already positioned/bent to match without being under high stress/tension. They will not work as rail joiners that will forcefully join rails that are out of alignment.  Nor are they intended to provide a reliable electrical connection.

Cut the the lower part of ech rail end web/base back approx 0.030" to clear the aligner "cross member" and allow the rails heads to fully close.