Railer 4mm

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Universal Extendable Railer:

The extendable Railer consists of a chosen number of 4" straight sections plus two 2" tapered end sections. The "Complete" Length stated includes the two 2" tapered sections at each end to match to regular NMRA HO track flange way width. Two extra, even narrower, tapered 2" sections are provided to match the flange way width of paved street track if needed. 






"12" Complete" Length Shown above, with optional Paved Street extensions fitted. 



Precision Milled, SOLID NICKEL SILVER, Widened Flangeway Rail Sections allow speedy and simple placement of cars and locomotives onto track, without the need of accurate positioning.




Installation: The railer should be glued down on a smooth flat surface, such as 1/8th" or 3/16" smooth plywood.  (Not supplied).  Power and electrical continuity can be most easily provided by using our "Flat Wire" product to solder connect the sections and power feeders.


Use of such a base just under the railer sections facilitates connecting the railer to regular HO track while maintaining the matching compatible rail heights. The correct matching height should be shimmed with thin card so that the wheels running on their flange tips on the railer, smoothly transfer to running on their tires on regualr track. In practice that means that the regular railhead is approximately 0.013" HIGHER than the top of the railer rail.