Fixture Options Switch-Works

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Turnout options pictured for #6, #7, #8 and #10


The Crossove Upgrade consists of an extra Tie Framer Straight Side,  and two Double Track Spacer Links for the appropriate size Turnout Option. These enable a fully timbered Crossover to be easily built using just the same single Turnout Option.


The Plain Track Option in use. The tie framer is supplied as 9" sections and the Option is available with 1 tie section (9"), two sections (18") or 4 sections (36") to allow the easy laying of plain track tie bases in the length to enjoy the preferred balance of convenience and economy.  Only a single 9" tie plate laying jig is required and supplied in each length version of the Option. It is just moved along the tie base as needed.


Shown here together with it's special tieplates (not included), the DIAMOND AND SLIPS OPTION for a particular # size builds any of the three types of crossing of that # size : The Plain Diamond, The Single Slip and the Double Slip.

Current only the #8 size is available, which, as per the US Prototype, uses switched center points. We expect to introduce a #6 size, using Prototypical Fixed center "K" frogs, in the future.


See "Help" Pages in the Information Library Pull-down Menu for specific information about particular options, and instructions for building trackwork with each type of option.