Paved Turnout Kit HO

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REGULAR RAILROAD INDUSTRIAL IN PAVEMENT STREET TRACK AND TURNOUTS. Virtually exact scale, Heavy RR Girder rail and Turnouts that can be used by most regular OO/HO RTR locomotives and freight cars.

Note: Model Steam Locomotives with larger that 0-4-0 wheelbases  should be tested on a sample curved trackwork of your chosen smallest radius for satisfactory running before ordering in quantity.



Shown here easily simply glued down directly to our recommended street base of 3/32" or 1/8" smooth ply, such as inexpensive "door skin" sheeting. Use of such a base thickness also allows easy connection and crossover to regular track at matching rail heights

The new turnout kits come in sizes #4, #5 or #6 and comprise all the necessary straight and pre-curved simulated girder rail, an accurate AAR style flat cast insert street frog together with a set of our AAR 11 ft street points.


As well as turnouts, the Industrial trackage system includes straight rail sets and pre-curved rail sets of 18",16", 14" and 12" radii, together with short adapter rail sections to link the paved trackage to regular model RR track.

The INDUSTRIAL PAVED Street Track System is designed specifically for FINE QUALITY HO and 00 Layouts, where some street running and/or paved over yard or dockside situations exist. It can also be used in many situations for HOm, and even N.

It will operate with either 2-rail, or overhead, DC or DCC wiring. The unique scale appearance and narrow flange ways are made possible, by making HO/00 vehicles with properly set NMRA RP25 wheel sets run on their flange tips. This has now proven to be very practical and reliable, provided only that short wheel base locomotives are used on the sharper radii and switching speeds are kept moderate on the curved routes.

The INDUSTRIAL PAVED Street Track System comprises a set of precision preformed straight and curved, solid Nickel Silver "girder rail" sections, of a very low, flat profile, simulating just the visible very top of the railhead. These can be plastered flush to create realistic concreted yards or streets, or used in conjunction with our wide range of sheets of pre-textured street surfaces of matching height, to give the appearance of flush buried scale "girder rail".



The flat rails are merely glued to a convenient, flat street base, incredibly easily aligned end to end and electrically connected, using our alignment pin wire and tinned squares of flat wire. Power is supplied by flat wire strips. Track gauging is also simplified by using a spare truck to line up the second rail as it is fixed down. Finally finish, by the chosen method of applying the street surface.

Absolutely no complicated or skilled rail bending required! Accurately preformed curved sections are available to fit single or double track working. However, they are sufficiently flexible to adjust for installation as standard, narrow or even dual gauge configurations.


. Watch this space!

Specifications and other data:

The INDUSTRIAL PAVED Street Track System Rail has a precision chemically milled grooved simulated rail head and flangeway approximately 0.028" or 0.7 mm high and 0.080" or 2mm wide. (See the picture of the rail profile ).

The simulated rail can be placed directly on a street subsurface, so that the rail web and base appear to be buried in the street. The rail can fully operate, even if placed alone on a finished street surface, but the greatest realism is achieved by building up the surrounding street surface by 0.020" or 0.5 mm. This is also the thickness of the textured sheet surface material we provide. We do not recommend a greater thickness, as the slight height difference, 0.008" or 0.2 mm, allows for more reliable running and easy cleaning of the rail without damaging the finished street surface.


For ease of assembly and installation, the rail head is also grooved on the underside. This groove fits short alignment pins (cut from wire) which act as precision rail joiners and also as as location guides, if pre-glued to the street subsurface. As the rail is solid NS, it may be easily soldered. However it is possible to make all solder joints invisibly wire" and 1/4" squares of our tinned flat wire sheet.

INDUSTRIAL PAVED Street Track may be used with Regular OO, HO or HOm Cars which have consistently gauged fine metal wheels to US NMRA RP 25 spec or better. This is because the prototypically shallow floored flangeway of INDUSTRIAL PAVED Rail allows the tips of finer wheels such as RP 25 to run on their flanges, without fouling the Proto:scale width flangeway.

While wheel guidance is reduced under these circumstances, completely satisfactory operation is usually obtained at up to scale speeds, provided the wheelsets have a consistent back to back setting and the track gauge is set using an example wheelset when laying. Operation with the track gauged in this manner is referred to as "HO compatible mode"

Another feature of the INDUSTRIAL PAVED STREET TRACK SYSTEM the "HANDY RAILER" Track Section. For use in hidden yards or spurs in or behind industrial buildings. The Handy Railer section allows the easy removal and placement of cars and locomotives onto the fine grooved industrial paved track, or even regular track, where the cars are difficult to see or reach.

THE HANDY RAILER makes it easy to place trolleys and other track vehicles onto the fine grooved INDUSTRIAL PAVED trackwork