Sleepers Wood N UK

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Ultimate 2mm / UK N Scale Precision Sawn Wood Sleepers
Solid Wood sleepers and Turnout Timbers with a nearly perfect scaled down real grain.

Properly 2mm scale outline for UK N and 2 mm scales.

Sleepers 10" wide by 8ft 6 in long
(Nom. 0.X" wide, by 0.029" thick, by 0.X long)

Turnout Timbers 12" wide by 15 ft long
(Nom 0.Y" wide, by 0.029" thick, by 1.Y" long)

Sold in packs of 100. 
Custom made for Proto: Standard Accuracy and flatness, these ties are precision sawn to exact scale size and do NOT need extra sanding if used for bench built track in the SIMPLICITY UK N Scale Tie Framer Fixture.